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About Us

Complete Game Baseball Camp is a youth baseball training experience designed to enhance skills, understanding, and the overall enjoyment of the game. 


Our instructional staff consists of local NYS certified Physical Education teachers and coaches with a strong background in baseball and a passion for the game. Kids will learn from our experienced team as they develop skills through fun mini-competitions, games and other challenges. Our age-appropriate drills and activities are designed to keep everyone safe, engaged, motivated and having a great time, all while growing in their skills and knowledge of the game from qualified professionals.


Our mission is to help kids become better baseball players, and to use the lessons experienced in baseball to help kids become better people. Our learning experiences intentionally focus on character building and development in a fun team environment. Our instruction highlights social skills, concentration, resiliency, problem solving, sportsmanship, demonstrating and communicating respect, work ethic and the importance of having a plan and positive attitude. Learning how to overcome adversity and remain in control of one's emotions are critical to success in all areas of life. 


The importance of fun! When it’s fun, kids are motivated to play without realizing they’re busy developing physical and interpersonal skills. When kids have fun, they want to play. When they want to play, they improve their skills. As skills improve, so does their confidence and overall enjoyment of the game. 

We believe that our community is stronger when our youth have quality opportunities to build connections, develop relationships and make lasting memories.

Tentative Camp Itinerary

8:30 - 8:50 a.m.
9:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m.
12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
3:00 p.m.
3:00 - 4:00 p.m.
 Check-in   (sign-in) 
Attendance   •   Morning meeting   •   Warm-up
Skill Development (Infield, Outfield, Pitching, Hitting & Baserunning)
•   Challenges   •   Competitions
Lunch Break & Activities 
Simulated games & reinforcement of skills learned throughout the week
Pick-up   (sign-out) 
Optional "Extra Innings" Club   (late pick-up)

Our "extra innings" club offers an extra hour of post-camp supervision for those interested in participating. Kids will remain actively involved in baseball activities, such as additional batting practice, skills competitions or wiffle ball home run derby! 

*Please register at morning check-in on the day of participation. Note: $10 cash-only.






Speed Training





Strength & Conditioning

Age Divisions


Peewee (5-6 year olds) *must have completed kindergarten. The goal of our youngest division is to learn and develop basic baseball, overall athletic and teamwork skills while having fun! We teach body control, space awareness, safety, while learning the importance of being a good teammate and friend. Kids will be exposed to a variety of baseball skill developing activities but will also take breaks to play other P.E. favorites! When the activities are fun, kids are motivated to play! As a result, they develop critical physical, social and fitness related skills in the process. The key is our team of professionally trained and certified P.E. teachers and coaches! 


International (7-8 year olds)

From a development perspective, International baseball is the age/level where kids are beginning to put the necessary skills together in order to play a modified version of the game. Kids are slowly becoming “coachable” and can begin to understand how to control their body and make adjustments based on age appropriate feedback. Developing proper mechanics from skilled instructors is essential for all age groups, but is especially meaningful and important for this particular age range. Making adjustments to fundamental skills (within this age group) assists in kids seeing positive change and success; which adds to the motivation to continue playing and practicing. In addition to providing an in-depth overview of the game, we will introduce pitching mechanics to ensure that kids begin to build a foundation and learn proper sequencing in preparation for the following year. 

Minors (9-10 year olds)

Instruction in the minors division continues to reinforce fundamentals, but also provides the opportunity to learn position specific skills in game-like situations. As the game evolves and transitions to relying on players to pitch in games (as opposed to depending on a pitching machine), it becomes critical to ensure that pitchers have the necessary foundation to be successful. Coaches will work with players to develop pitching mechanics that are repeatable in order to develop consistency. Only when mechanics are consistent, can the results also be consistent (ie, throwing strikes, etc). Whether it's learning proper timing, footwork and communication on a double-play or understanding how to execute relays (and adjust cuts) from the outfield, having an understanding of these concepts becomes critical to winning a game as players advance.  


Majors (11-13 year olds) 

As fundamentals progress and are reinforced, maturing as a player becomes a process of continuous adjustments and fine tuning. Learning to “practice with a purpose” enables players to develop an improved level of focus and concentration on the field. Baseball is a game where you are never done learning. It is a process of reinforcing good habits, keeping an open-mind and making adjustments. Our goal is to not only develop good baseball players, but to lay the framework for kids to learn how to become good people that contribute to the community. Learning how to set-goals, work hard to achieve them, overcome failure, remain in control of one’s emotions, demonstrate respect and how to be a good teammate throughout the process will lead to success both on and off the baseball field. 

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