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Testimonials & Reviews

Thank you for your honest feedback as we work hard to make each year better than the one before! 

"Very well run camp! My son was excited to go everyday and had a blast!"

"My son came to camp just for a fun activity and realized quickly he was very far behind the other kids in his age group (11-13), as he’s only ever played on a few house teams. He ended up having a lot of fun and really built up his confidence, and is already talking about doing it again next summer. Thank you very much for running an excellent program!!"

"Jordan and his team did an amazing job. For just the first year of running this camp, himself and his team left a great impression on my son. Kudos to coach Nick as my son ranted and raved about him. We look forward to next year and will keep enrolling in this camp as long as Jordan runs it."

"Everyday my son would come home and tell us what he learned and how his coaches were awesome. He was in the 9-10 division and loved every minute of camp. We will see you next year!"

"The camp was great! All of the coaches were both professional and fun! My son learned so much in a short time and had an amazing experience. We can’t wait until next year!"

"Very well run. Maverick loved it"

"My son loved the camp. He came home everyday all excited telling me about everything that happened. He was sad coming on Friday because it was the last day and he wanted camp to go all summer long. You guys did amazing job and both my sons will be doing the camp next year. Can't wait for next year's camp."

"This was our first time letting our 9 year old attend something on his own. Never once did we feel he was in danger. He has a severe peanut allergy and as part of the registration process they made sure to ask all of the right questions to accommodate all allergies. Ryan came home from camp each day with a smile on his face and said he can’t wait for next year. He also made a lot of new friends, which isn’t always easy for him as he’s on the shy side. Great camp!"

"Thank you Complete Game Baseball Camp for a great week! The camp was extremely organized and ran well by all the coaches and mentors involved. My son came home everyday with great stories about his day. Good job!!"

"My son loved this camp, he was so excited to go everyday! Very organized, and we’ll done! We will be back next year!

My kids loved this camp! They came home tired every day and were always looking forward to the next day!"

"Our grandsons had the best time at the camp. They were up and dressed early and anxious to go each morning. They learned many baseball skills but described the day as FUN!"

"Our son had a great time at Complete Game Baseball Camp. The definition of success is a tired child, and everyday after camp, he child was passed out for the car ride home. The camp was organized and well ran. We will be back next year."

"You can’t beat a week long baseball camp! Kids loved showing up everyday learning from the coaches and older players. He had a blast!"

"Complete Game Baseball Camp delivered in a big way. Really impressive for its first year. Coach Jordan and all the other coaches are friendly and very engaging with all the kids. They knew their names in day, and what each kid was working on. That's attention to detail. And the coaches know their baseball. Every child I saw showed up with a smile and left with a smile. My son can't wait to go back next year - and he's telling all of his buddies to do the same. Thanks Complete Game!"

"Baseball camp was one of the highlights of our son's summer. As a parent, the program was well organized and certainly provided an engaging environment. I cannot wait to sign up next year. Also, for those of you who are working parents, the 8:30 to 4:00 pm schedule (with extra innings) is much more convenient than some other summer programming that is available. What a gem for Grand Island!! Thank you."

"Very well ran! With lots of great coaches and kiddos working with the boys ! Made it very fun so then kids didn’t lose interest"

"Our son had an amazing time at camp and was outside practicing every night on the drill, etc. he learned from that day. It has made him grow to a new level of excitement for the game! Thank you!!!"

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